By Breckan Winters, NRCDV Program Specialist

“Cultivating joy, always a clear path towards liberation.” – Patty Branco, NRCDV

Call for UnityDuring Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and beyond, the Domestic Violence Awareness Project is committed to promoting the alignment of our values with our actions as we navigate intersecting realities, grounded in our shared commitment to no survivor justice without racial justice. In order to end domestic violence and create safe and thriving communities for all, we must dismantle anti-Blackness and center humanity, wellness, joy, and connectedness for advocates, survivors, and all who work alongside us towards collective liberation.

In preparation for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we have compiled some of our favorite DVAM planning resources from past years. Check out these materials for tips and tricks to make your #DVAM2022 activities a success:

  • #1Thing Action Guide: Inspiring Action Through a Unified Message – Preventing domestic violence requires the collective voice and power of individuals, families, institutions, and systems – each whose “one thing” adds a valuable and powerful component to transforming our communities. The #1Thing Action Guide includes templates, recommendations, strategies, and tools for incorporating this message into your public awareness activities and campaigns during DVAM, and beyond.
  • DVAM Readiness Checklist – This checklist will ensure that you stay organized and on task, helping you to prioritize key tasks and offering ideas to make your event a success.
  • Three Questions and a Song – This four-part video series provides tips for incorporating the #1Thing messaging campaign into your #DVAM events and activities.
  • Developing Social Media Campaigns for Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Whatever your goals are for your DVAM campaign, social media is key to furthering your organization’s mission. This Technical Assistance (TA) Guidance is designed to support community-based domestic violence agencies and state coalitions at varying capacity levels in developing impactful social media campaigns for DVAM and beyond.
  • WEBINAR: Meeting this Moment: Meaningful Engagement for Social Change during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Beyond – At this moment, together we bear witness as the pandemic of racial injustice, systemic oppression, and exploitation continues to rage across the country, causing many losses. This webinar features a conversation about pivoting our work to meet this moment and co-creating the world we all deserve during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and beyond.
  • WEBINAR: Leveraging #1Thing in Your Community – This webinar recording explores ways to enhance your community engagement efforts through storytelling and leveraging the #1Thing messaging campaign.
  • DVAM Countdown: Last Minute Tips and Ideas – In this webinar recording, presenters discuss how free online tools available from NRCDV and NO MORE can support efforts to develop successful events and campaigns. Participants share their own strategies and tips for pulling together high-impact DVAM initiatives with limited resources.

Be sure to join us for our upcoming events!

  • National Call for Unity 2022: No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice – Cultivating Joy Towards Liberation on Friday 9/30 at 2pm Eastern – Kicking off Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2022, this year’s call will celebrate and humanize the work of advocates who contribute daily to efforts to end domestic violence. REGISTER HERE!
  • Webinar series: #1Thing to #Care4Advocates Mind, Body, and Soul on Thursdays 10/6, 10/13, and 10/20 at 2pm Eastern – This 3-part webinar series will feature tools and strategies for supporting advocates’ health and wellness, including ways to prioritize self-care and avoid burnout. REGISTER HERE!
  • Webinar: Transforming the Gender-Based Violence Movement: Increasing BIPOC Representation and Actualizing Accountability Project Launch on Tuesday 10/18 at 1pm Eastern – Join us for the “official” launch of Transforming the Gender-Based Violence Movement: Increasing BIPOC Representation and Actualizing Accountability Project (formerly the Women of Color Coalition Leadership Project). REGISTER HERE!
  • Twitter Chat: No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice, hosted by NNEDV on Tuesday 10/18 at 3pm Eastern – This bi-lingual Twitter Chat will offer space for participants to discuss how essential anti-racism work is to our movements to end violence of all kinds, including domestic violence. Follow on Twitter at @nrcdv and @nnedv
  • NRCDV’s Safe Housing Capacity Center Policy & Research Briefing on Wednesday 10/26 at 2pm Eastern – Topics include expanded findings from NRCDV’s 2022 Housing Needs Assessment along with findings from a 5-year study on Domestic Violence Housing First and the effectiveness of culturally specific responses to violence. REGISTER HERE!
  • Virtual Dance Party: Cultivating Joy for DVAM 2022 on Friday 10/28 at 4pm Eastern – In partnership with BE! Creative Arts Center, this event is an opportunity to prioritize advocate and survivor wellness through joy, movement, and community connection. REGISTER HERE!

Stay tuned for new resources from NRCDV, including:

  • Infographic: No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice – This clear and accessible infographic describes what we mean by “No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice” and offers concrete strategies for prioritizing this commitment in our movement work. Coming soon!
  • NRCDV: Showing Up and Showing Out – Team NRCDV has been engaged in conversation and practice to foster alignment between our actions and our values. Come hear our staff as we share how we are living into our values and our commitment to “No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice.” Coming soon!
  • DVAM 2022 Podcast, hosted in partnership with PreventConnect – This podcast with members of the DVAP explores the theme and messaging identified for Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2022, “No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice.”