Getting involved in your community


Everyone has a role to play in helping to end domestic violence. Based on your interests, skill set and resources, we invite you to consider getting involved in a variety of ways. Check out these resources and suggestions for helping victims of domestic violence at the community level.



Supporting your local program


Supporting your local program is one of the most tangible, invaluable ways to get involved in helping to end domestic violence. Your local program offers critical, lifesaving services such as emergency shelter, crisis intervention and legal advocacy, and they can greatly benefit from your commitment, empathy and help. On your local program’s website, you will likely find a “Get Involved” or “How You Can Help” tab listing a variety of ways to help, including volunteering, making a financial contribution, donating needed items, and taking action.

To find a program serving your community, please contact your state/territory coalition. Each coalition identifies local domestic violence programs (also referred to as members) organized by county or region on their websites.


Taking action on legislative efforts


Your state/territory coalition is instrumental in the implementation and enforcement of legislation and policies that increase safety for victims and their children, hold perpetrators accountable, and create funding sources for programs and services. You have the option of contacting your coalition to learn more about supporting their legislative efforts or signing up for action alerts.