#DVAM2019 is Almost Here!

By Breckan Erdman, NRCDV Program Specialist

Old photos stacked on top of each other. #1ThingAs we count down the days to Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), we’re excited to share some new resources and upcoming activities from the Domestic Violence Awareness Project (DVAP), a project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. The DVAP supports and promotes the national, tribal, territorial, state and local advocacy networks in their ongoing education efforts through public awareness campaigns, strategies, materials, resources, capacity-building and TA. The voices, leadership and expertise of those who have experienced violence have informed the DVAP since its inception in 1998. We embrace the idea that Awareness + Action = Social Change. You can be part of the equation!

Are you ready for DVAM?

#1Thing that you can do to stay on track as you plan DVAM awareness activities in your community is to utilize our DVAM Readiness Checklist. Follow along with each checklist item to find tips and tools for engaging the media, requesting a local DVAM proclamation, collaborating with community partners, and more. To learn how you can incorporate the #1Thing message into your DVAM campaign and engage with your community on social media, you’ll also want to stay tuned for our new DVAM prep tutorial series on YouTube, coming this September.

And just in time for DVAM 2019, we are very excited to unveil the DVAP website’s fresh new look! Our new website, launching this October, will be more accessible and user-friendly, with a variety of resources to support national, statewide, and community-based domestic violence awareness efforts during DVAM and beyond.

Key website features include:

How to Get Involved
Whether you need help crafting messaging that will resonate with your community, you are looking for tools to inspire action for social change, or you want to learn more about related observances from allied social justice movements, we’re here to help you find the resources you need to get involved!

Resources for Survivors
As a survivor of domestic violence, you may be seeking information on how you can be a catalyst for change in your community. Our new For Survivors page offers resources for seeking help, getting involved in your community, and sharing your story publicly.

Free Training & Awareness Resources
Be sure to check out our free library of webinar recordings, training videos, and podcasts, online tools for engaging the media during DVAM, and awareness materials that are available to order and download electronically. Additionally, a variety of high-quality printed posters and promotional items are available for purchase through the NRCDV online store.

Awareness Highlights Blog
Our frequently updated awareness blog highlights current national awareness campaigns addressing gender-based violence and draws connections to related observances from allied social justice movements.

Events Calendar
Are you planning a domestic violence awareness event in your community? Be sure to add your event to our database! The calendar of events features an interactive map of community-based domestic violence awareness events throughout the year. Click on the map or search to find events near you.



DVAM 2019 Kick-off Event!

Once you’re ready for DVAM, be sure to visit our Facebook page on Wednesday, September 25th at 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central / 12pm Pacific time for our DVAM 2019 kick-off event via Facebook Live! We will come together in solidarity with survivors, advocates, and partners from national, state and community-based organizations around this year’s theme: #1Thing, One Movement. Together we will celebrate our movement’s accomplishments and reflect on our shared experiences as we move together toward social transformation. We hope you’ll join us!