No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice

In observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2022, the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV), guided by the leadership of the Domestic Violence Awareness Project Advisory Group, is offering a variety of opportunities for engagement this October and beyond.

This year, NRCDV's activities, campaigns, and resources promote the alignment of our values with our actions as we navigate intersecting realities, grounded in our shared commitment to No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice. For DVAM 2022, we are centering humanity, wellness, joy, and connectedness for advocates, survivors, and all who work alongside us towards collective liberation. Call for Unity

Each week throughout October, NRCDV is highlighting a different Prevention Tool of the Week from the PreventIPV Tools Inventory at Featured tools highlight the importance of living into our values, for DVAM and beyond.

Check out NRCDV’s list of activities for DVAM 2022!