Domestic Violence Awareness Project - Providing Oceans of Hope for the Future   Domestic Violence Awareness Project - Pacific County
Welcome to the Domestic Violence Awareness Project
  • To raise awareness of domestic violence. 
  • To support victims of domestic violence. 
  • To educate young adults about ways to stop the cycle of domestic violence.
  • Remember those we have lost to domestic violence and promote support and resources to survivors and current victims.
Saturday, August 2nd, 2014
Long Beach, Washington

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Race Against Violence
The Domestic Violence Awareness Project of Pacific County was concieved in 2009 to promote heatlhy relationships preventing domestic violence and raise funds for orginizations that directly support victims and survivors of this problem providing an "Ocean of Hope" for the future.

The Domestic Violence Awareness Project's goals are:
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"We are dedicated to promoting healthy relationships, through education and awareness, to break the cycle of domestic violence in our community."
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